Embracing Technology

May 16, 2011


 In 2009 Rupert Murdoch was quoted in The Wall Street Journal urging Australians to move out of their comfort zones and embrace new technology.

He stated that new technology, such as the internet, is destroying business models that have been used for decades, particularly those with a “one size fits all” approach to their customers, “allowing the little guy to do what once required a huge corporation”. (Wall Street Journal (November, 2008)

Earlier this week Nick Sherry warned that Small businesses need to get online and embrace digital technologies if Australia’s economy is going to prosper. Stating that While just about every business was connected to the web, “only about one-third use the web in any significant way effectively”, including having online stores. Senator Sherry emphasised that new technology, while challenging, also presented opportunities. “It breaks down distances across the globe, it provides enormous opportunities for business to spread their products further and further than we have ever seen,” he said (The Australian 2nd May)

To survive in the current competitive economy businesses need to embrace technology effectively in order to improve manageability, significantly reduce costs, open new markets as well as reduce reliance on highly skilled staff. Technology is rapidly changing and with that comes new opportunities for business. The integration of technology into your company culture is essential for growth.

DPL Technology is your partner into the future. With decades of IT and business experience, together with knowledge of the latest  technology trends and advances providing businesses with the ability to survive and prosper.

Steps to Embracing Technology

Business System Software – your accounting system and associated software applications together with the hardware it runs on, is the backbone of your business. Rather than working around – it needs to work for you. Automate as much as possible – this will reduce errors and staffing overheads and enable easy access to your centralised data.

Utilise E-commerce – Either with a store or offering your business customers the ability to order, pay, view account details on line.  Interface with your accounting system will enable orders to process seamlessly, customers to be able to check accounts, reprint invoices etc. This will reduce staff intervention and prevent staff rekeying errors.

Online Marketing – Website needs to be well designed and easy to maintain. If your website is several years old, it probably looks it!  Does it interface appropriately to your business system? If not it probably costs more than it brings to your business. Are you making effective use of all facets of Online Marketing?

Customer Relationship Management – Are you managing and working your current customer base. Do you review your sales staff and monitor successes and failures.  Do your campaigns using schedule email, newsletters, visits, phone calls, tweets, facebook ….

With all this access to information you need high level exception reporting and email advice generated by you business system. Information should be easily accessible at the source, with management alerted to anything outside the norm.

Setup three different IT Budgets. Conceptually, think of your office space – you do not group rent/loan payments, Furniture purchases, cleaning and toilet paper purchases together! Within your budget you need 1) ongoing maintenance, these are day to day costs for example loading Windows patches and housekeeping, adding network users, consumables etc; 2) Equipment rollover including purchase of new hardware and software. To efficiently manage IT costs it’s ideal to budget every year rather than allow your IT to become old and unstable; 3) Increased Automation to

Speak to DPL Technology. For now and the future of your business!


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